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About Us

Everything You Need to know about our Company.

The TEATRACK INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED was established in the year 2020 by some leading tea merchants to provide a marketing platform for Tea Manufacturer of India and for the Tea traders of the whole World. The TEATRACK INDIA has been working as an INTRODUCER between Tea Manufacturers/Packer and Traders. The tea traders of India as well as the whole World can purchase a preferred brand of tea directly from Indian Tea Manufacturers/Packer without help of any broker by comparing a large numbers of Product, Quality and Price, and the Indian Tea Manufacturer/Packer can also sale their product direct to trader without any broker and may spread their branded products to unlimited business boundary. The Manufacturers/Packer may sale their product immediately after production through the platform of TEATRACK INDIA.

The TEATRACK INDIA considers itself as a beneficial platform to spread the Indian Tea to the global market.

Our Team